Sheppee Ware Transfers

With high speed production and high demands on quality and at the same time high bottle diversity the ware transfer from machine conveyor to cross conveyor needs to be as accurate as possible. With different types of ware transfers adapted to the special demands, our partner Sheppee meets the ever increasing requirements for modern container glass production. Sheppee ware transfers can handle container with diameters ranging from from 15 mm to 170 mm as well as un-round shapes including flasks and cosmetic containers. Quick Change fingers in different sizes and bottle guides in upper and lower position together with a speed reduction in the transfer curve guarantee a smooth transfer of the bottles onto the cross conveyor even for difficult shapes.

For standard containers production speeds up to 1000 bottles can be handled efficiently with minimised losses at the ware transfer unit.

  • High speed production with increased efficiency
  • Quick job change by plug-in quick change fingers
  • Smooth bottle handling
  • Large ware range
  • Suitable models available for all foreseeable production requirements in the container glass industry.


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