Sheppee Lehr Loaders (Stackers)

Instable containers at high production speed require a fast but smooth movement of the stacker bar into the annealing lehr on optimised curves. With the Sheppee servo driven 2- or 3-axis stacker systems we can offer you a reliable and easy to use technology for this purpose.

The intuitive use of the control systems touch screens allow easy adjustments of the speed curves to each axis and herewith the adaption to any requirement of a container. Individual parameters and settings for each container can be stored and loaded.

The stacker and optionally also the Sheppee ware transfer drive and the Sheppee cross conveyor can be controlled centrally from the Human Machine Interface in form of a touch screen (3 axis stackers) or a conventional panel with function keys (2 axis stackers). The use of programmable inverter drives reduces the amount of electronic components and at the same time increases the reliability of the system.

  • Intuitive adjustments of stacker curves via the touch screen
  • Smooth movements even at high speed stacking
  • Centralized control of stacker, ware transfer and cross conveyor
  • Reliable components for minimized maintenance


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