Stacker Bars

The correct specification of the stacker bar is essential for an efficient production of glass containers. The transport of instable containers into the lehr can be optimised by using stacker bar pockets adapted accurately to the shape of the containers. Using a stacker bar that stays straight or virtually straight under heat is one pre-condition for the optimal coating of the containers at the cold end. By carefully choosing the most suitable glass contact materials on the stacker bar the glass maker can eliminate or reduce the glass defects originating from contact with the stacker bar.

We can assist you in this area with our expertise and, with a large range of different models available, we are able to supply the correct stacker bar for virtually any demanding production requirement. Our standard stacker bars are pre-stressed and will straighten under heat. Optionally this can be assisted by connecting fan air for cooling to the stacker bar. We have a range of glass friendly insulation materials available such as Pro Glass Contact (insulation braid manufactured from stainless steel fibres), CFC, graphite or insulators manufactured from mineral based materials (RATHERM).

  • Stacker bar pockets can be adapted to suit the bottles shapes
  • Standard stacker bars are pre-stressed and will straighten under heat
  • Large choice of glass contact materials
  • Stacker Bars can be prepared for stacker models of different manufacture


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