Stainless Steel and Titanium Scoops

For many years we have been supplying Scoops in all kinds of standard and special sizes suitable for use on gob distributors of ALL mayor machine manufacturers. We have proven worldwide on countless different production lines that the use of our Quality Scoops will significantly increase the line efficiency. Our standard Scoops are manufactured from a high grade wear resistant Stainless Steel which, if maintained and cooled correctly, will last many years on a production line without showing any wear at the gob impact area.

The large water jacket at the rear of the Scoops allows the user to ensure optimal cooling of the Scoops even under difficult production conditions. For users that require a weight reduction with a view of increasing production speeds whilst maintaining the wear resistance we offer many Scoops manufactured alternatively from a high grade Titanium metal.

Custom specials with different sizes or other technical modifications based on your requirements can be manufactured at any time even in very small quantities. Please contact us for a quotation.


If you have further question about the product feel free to contact us.

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