PRO GLASS CONTACT – a very glass friendly high quality insulation material

The Rondot Pro Glass Contact insulation material comprises of fine threads of stainless steel fibre of a special stainless grade, which are interwoven to form a stable and robust braid. Pro Glass Contact (PGC) is very glass friendly and allows a significant reduction of micro checks and other contact surface damage on the hot glass.

Due to the special weaving process PGC braid provides an elastic dampening effect upon contact with the hot glass as well as a very long lifetime even at very high temperatures. The advantage in lifetime on the machine is especially significant when comparing to conventional insulation materials like CFC or Graphite products.

We supply Pro Glass contact welded on stainless steel support, ready to use for the different applications: take outs, pusher insulation, transfer insulation, stacker insulation, etc.


If you have further question about the product feel free to contact us.

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