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PSR Cooling System

The cooling system of our partner Parkinson-Spencer Refractories Ltd. (PSR) allows the energy efficient conditioning of the glass temperature. Profiled single piece roof blocks with individually controlled cooling and combustion outlets nearly completely separate cool air in the centre of the glass channel from hot air at the sides of the channel. At the same time the heated wave profile radiates in the corners of the glass channel and herewith optimizes the thermal homogeneity of the glass over the whole channel profile.

The controlling

The automatically controlled dampers enables the energy efficient usage of combustion air as cooling and heating air is not mixed. Further partitioning into sub cooling zones gives even higher cooling capacity for high tonnages.

At the same time by closing the combustion dampers it is possible to heat the complete glass channel and herewith reduce the time to increase the glass temperature during production changes.

  • Individually controlled dampers for cooling and combustion air
  • Profiled single piece roof blocks
  • High cooling capacity and fast reaction on glass temperature changes
  • High energy saving potential


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