Refrigeration: PSR Cooling Systems for the Industry

Our professional partner Parkinson-Spencer Refractories Ltd. (PSR) has been supplying the glass industry with high-quality cooling systems for years. The cooling systems for industry enable an energy-efficient homogenization of the glass temperature. The roof construction of the cooling systems draws is equipped with a corrugated profile and separate openings for cooling and combustion air. The blocks mounted on the roof of the plant allow almost completely separate heating and cooling areas. While the cool air moves in the center of the glass channel, warm air can exit at the sides of the unit. In addition, the corrugated profile heated in this way radiates into the corners of the glass channel, optimizing thermal glass distribution across the entire channel cross-section.

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The process of cooling: the controlling of the industrial cooling systems

Automatic control of the cooling system dampers enables efficient use of energy, as heat and cold are not mixed. The plant’s cooling zone system also divides into further sub-zones, which provide additional cooling capacity. However, the industrial flap control system also allows the heat to be distributed across the entire cross-section to smoothly adjust the temperature of the glass to a new production.

The main advantages of PSR cooling systems for industry at a glance:

  • Separately controlled discharge openings for cooling and heating
  • Continuous roof blocks with corrugated profile
  • High cooling capacity and fast temperature changes
  • High energy saving potential
  • Smooth maintenance of equipment

Whether it’s a combustion system, refractory material or channel blocksgr² relies on Parkinson-Spencer Refractories Ltd. (PSR) for excellence. Contact us and let our experts give you competent advice on the high-quality plants, machines and equipment for the glass industry!


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