Shear Blades

Tungsten Carbide Shear Blades

The Rondot Tungsten Carbide Shear Blades are ideal for customers with high demands concerning cut quality and precision as well as for customers who want to achieve a very long shear blade life in combination with reduced shear blade cooling. The Tungsten Carbide Shear Blades are available in different sizes and versions and the necessary spacers are always included.

shear blades
Steel Shear Blades

Steel Shear Blades

Our conventional Steel Shear Blades are manufactured from Molybdenic High Speed Steel and offer the cost-conscious user a high quality alternative. We use a very durable steel manufactured with a special method of rolling. For a good cut quality we use a special blade geometry that guarantees a reduced cutting resistance and minimises shear marks on the glass gob. A unique surface coating ensures longer contact with the shear blade coolant and extends the blade life. We have a number of different sizes available with both v-shaped and round cutting profiles.


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