Sheppee Cross Conveyors

Increasing production speeds require a level transferring surface from the ware transfer as well as at the dead plates to the annealing lehr to ensure a smooth and stable transport of the hot containers independent of the ambient temperatures. With the Sheppee Cross Conveyors, either in standard version or with additional water cooling, we are able to implement such a level transferring surface on your production lines. A rugged and long lasting design combined with floating supports and comprehensive horizontal and vertical adjustments allows to compensate the thermal deformation of the cross conveyor and guarantee a straight cross conveyor beam for smooth chain movement with minimal wear.

Intelligent adjustment features for the first wear plate, the ware transfer dead plate as well as the sprockets and the annealing lehr dead plates ensure a smooth transport of hot containers even at very high speeds.

Easy and quick use of the adjustment together with quick change dead plates reduce the maintenance time in the hot area near the annealing lehr and thus also reduce the burden on your employees.

  • Straight cross conveyor beam with horizontal and vertical adjustment
  • Adjustable wear and dead plates at ware transfer
  • Quick change dead plates with fine adjustment at annealing lehr
  • Smooth container transport at high speed
  • Optionally prepared for connection to additional water cooling system


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