Takeout Tong Heads

Besides industry standard Tong Heads we also offer technically improved models that allow the customer to further increase IS machine efficiency. Today all Tong Head Bodies are manufactured from billets using a very robust aluminum alloy developed for the aerospace industry. The use of this high grade material guarantees an improved strength and increased life of the Tong Head compared to conventional models manufactured from cast aluminium.

Standard Quick Change Tong Heads

Our Standard Quick Change Tong Heads are equipped with industry standard Anti-wink Takeout Tong Cartridges. The Tong Head Bodies are prepared for fitment of additional air nozzles to provide “Puff Air” for additional container shape stabilisation or internal cooling.

Soft Touch Tong Heads

The Soft Touch Tong Heads are equipped with patented Takeout Cartridges that significantly reduce the closing speed of the tongs towards the end of the stroke. This feature ensures that the containers are handled much softer when transported using the Soft Touch Tongheads. Also the mechanical design of the tong cartridges has been improved to be be much more wear resistant, thus providing reduced maintenance costs for the end user. Existing Tong Heads can be retro-fitted with Soft Touch Takeout Cartridges if required.

Soft Touch Benefits:

  • Less finish defects due to softer handling of containers
  • Reduced operating costs due to imprved mechnical design
  • Less problems with finish ovalities due to defined end stop


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