Scoop Spray Plates

The Graphoidal Scoop Spray Plates are quite unique as they enable the glass maker to provide precise lubrication without any wasted overspray to the scoops. The Scoop Spray Plates can be easily mounted directly on top of the gob distributor head.

The plates have one or more integrated nozzles per funnel which are used for spraying either pure scoop oil or an emulsion through the gob distributor funnel into the scoops. The atomized spray directed exactly to where it is needed allows a significant reduction of oil consumption (up to 80% savings!). Benefits:

  • Optimised and precise lubrication without any waste
  • Reduced oil consumption
  • Very little maintenance requirements
  • Available in all common sizes and also as custom specials
  • Intelligent Scoop Spray System for accurate dosing of oil and emulsion also available


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