Premium products for the glass industry

GR² GmbH has specialised on quality products and technically innovative solutions for the container glass industry. We are part of the international Groupe Rondot, a group of companies working for the glass industry worldwide.

In addition to the Groupe Rondot products produced by our sister companies (e.g. Graphoidal Ltd., Rondot SAS and Sonicam SAS) we also offer quality products of renowned suppliers to the glass industry like Sheppee International, Lattimer Limited, Pennine Industrial Ltd. and Parkinson Spencer Refractories. Our product range is supplemented with our own product innovations and custom specials designed in close cooperation with our customers.

For the service of our customers we have experienced Technical Sales Engineers available who gladly will visit you to discuss your projects and technical requirements.


Glasflaschen Herstellung

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10829 Berlin
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GLASSTEC 2016 - We look foreward to your visit

20.-23. September 2016

Hall 13 / E22

Group Rondot with:

A&L Rondot SAS, GR² GmbH, Sheppee Ltd.

Graphoidal Developments Ltd., Sonicam
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Soft Touch Takeout Tong Catridge

Soft Touch Takeout Tong Catridge

LESS finish defects due to soft closing

LESS wear

EASIER adjustment of Takeout

PATENTED technology

softtouch greifeinheit

Stainless Steel Silent Conveyor Chain

Stainless Steel Silent Conveyor Chain

Reduced danger of bottom checks due to thermal properties of
Stainless Steel

Longer chain life when used on lines with gas burners or fire
polishing systems

Stainless Steel Silent Conveyor Chain

Speed Gob Plus

Speed Gob Plus

Measurement of gob speed, gob length and gob temperature

Assistance for achieving optimal machine settings

Improved production efficiency

NEU  – Speed Gob Plus Gob Measurement Device

Handy Pyrometer V

Handy Pyrometer V

Quick and easy measurement temperatures

Automatic mode for logging highest temperature

Rotatable measuring prove for easier measurements

Improved production efficiency

NEU – Handy Pyrometer V – Glass Mould Temperature Measurement Device

Our product range includes solutions for the following areas of glass production:

  • Glass Melting Furnaces
  • Forehearths
  • Feeders
  • Shear Mechanisms
  • Gob Distributors
  • Delivery Systems
  • I.S. Section Mechanisms
  • I.S. Machine Lubrication
  • Hot End Reject Systems
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Transfer Units
  • Lehr Loaders
  • Cold End Coating Bridges
  • Cold End Mixing Systems
  • Mould Polishing Machines
  • Equipment for the Mould Repair Shops
  • Measuring Instruments
  • Fixtures and Tools